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Our Services

Strategic Consulting

Whether you have a well established State Government Affairs operation or are just starting one, Avalanche Advisors has the experience and know how to ensure you are investing your resources wisely. We can work with you to prioritize your issues and make sure you are dealing with the right people in the states be it legislators or lobbyists.

Building Relationships with Key Leaders

Building relationships is a key component to successful policy management. You need champions and access to the key decision makers., Avalanche Advisors is here to provide both to help you achieve your legislative successes.

Policy Management

This is our focused way of working the legislative process to achieve policy results. We do this by maximizing our relationships in legislatures, as well as by managing relationships with lobbyists we know who are effective in the states.

Committee and Organization Management

RLCC, DLCC, RAGA, DAGA, RGA, DGA, NCSL, CSG, ALEC, SGAC…this is just a partial list of the number of groups that may or may not make strategic sense for your organization. Avalanche Advisors helps you navigate this process and figure out the best way to invest your resources.

Grassroots and Grasstops

Running campaigns and building coalitions defines our work experience. Working with like minded organizations, training your members, communicating with your constituency are all aspects of our grassroots organization program. Additionally, we can find champions of your issues at the state level and have them work to influence legislation at the federal level. Our networks are both far reaching in state capitols and among many current political contacts throughout the country and in Washington.

Political Analysis

How are these issues going to affect the political environment in each state? How much money either personal, corporate or PAC can your give a candidate or committee in each state? These are just a couple of questions we can help you with.

Why Avalanche Advisors?

1. Bipartisanship. The two principales of Avalanche Advisors have spent each of their careers working exclusively on their respective sides of the political aisle and have now come together to offer their experience to your benefit.

2. Relationships. The principles have worked exclusively with current and future leaders electing, giving campaign assistance and strategizing with them.

3. Experience. The principales have 30 years in politics with half of that devoted exclusively to working in state politics.

4. Customer Service. Coming from a fundraising background, Avalanche Advisors understands the need to build, cultivate and deliver on behalf of their donors/clients. We are also new, hungry and willing to go the appropriate extra mile to ensure the success of each relationship.

5. Results. We’ve always worked in an environment that is defined by wins and losses, and we bring that competitive spirit to our business.