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Management Team

Alex Johnson

Alex began his professional career at the Republican National Committee working for Chairman Haley Barbour. Beginning in the Finance Division, Alex started in the basement opening mail and copying checks. In just a few years he rose up through the division to become at age 23 the youngest director at the RNC responsible for one of their Major Donor programs.

He continued his work at the RNC for a total of 5 years leaving in 1997 to become the Deputy Executive Director of Jack Kemp’s Freedom and Free Enterprise PAC. This PAC was a vehicle which allowed Secretary Kemp to travel around the country to support free market oriented Republicans.

In January of 1999 Alex left Secretary Kemp and was hired on to serve as the Deputy Finance Director of John McCain’s Presidential Campaign. Alex was involved in the planning and implementation of the fundraising strategy which was able to raise the maximum amount of money allowed in a primary race, $43 million dollars, $7 million of which came through the internet.

After the campaign Alex went to the private sector and was the Vice President of Business Development for a startup company called Speedgreetings. Alex served as a Board member and was instrumental in helping to raise $3 million dollars in Venture Capital funding.

In 2002 Alex came back to politics and worked as a consultant raising money for the Mitt Romney for Governor Campaign and then helping to raise money for the Republican National Committee for targeted Senate races.

Alex left the RNC after the election in 2002 to work at the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC). The RSLC is charged with electing Republican Lt. Governors, Attorney’s General and State Legislators. In this capacity he developed lasting relationships with many of those public officials. Specifically, Alex’s focus was to start and build the Republican Legislative Campaign Committee. Alex served as the Executive Director of the RLCC whose focus is on working with Republican Legislative Leaders to help bring National Resources to state legislative races.

The Republican Legislative Campaign Committee is now the largest organization devoted to supporting Republican legislative candidates nationally. In just 4 years he grew the organization to a $5 million per year organization with over 200 corporate members and approximately 100 legislative leaders from across the country.

Alex left the RLCC in 2007 to start Avalanche Advisors teaming with fellow Marquette alum and longtime DLCC staffer Greg Curtis to offer strategic and public affairs solutions to corporations and associations in dealing with their state issues.

He is currently the President of the American Council of Young Political Leaders and also a frequent contributor on MSNBC.

Greg Curtis


Greg was the longtime National Finance Director for the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC), the national political organization of Democratic legislators chartered to elect Democratic legislative majorities. Greg’s fundamental responsibility was focused on communication and diverse interaction with national corporate and association Finance Council members and potential DLCC funders, as well as maintaining relationships with Democratic legislators throughout the United States.

Greg served as Finance Director since 1997 and prior to this spent his first year with DLCC as State Finance Director working in states around the country with Democratic legislative leaders and candidates. Greg was DLCC’s longest tenured staff member and a key component of solidifying its’ overall foundation.

Greg previously worked as the Democratic Leadership Council’s (DLC) first state and local elected official liaison, helping to build an organizational component that had been largely undeveloped prior to 1995. Before locating to Washington, Greg had worked as Finance Director for former Congressman Peter Barca (D-WI) and as an Assistant Finance Director on Senator Russ Feingold’s (D-WI) first U.S. Senate election.

Greg has presented at many corporate/organization retreats and trained over 500 state legislators on how to successfully fund their campaigns. Greg is a veteran of three Democratic National Conventions and numerous state party conventions, as well as additional state and federal campaigns. He is currently President-elect of Marquette University Alumni Association.

Combined Experience in 2007

After many years building our respective partisan committees, we left to start Avalanche Advisors joining together to offer strategic and public affairs solutions to corporations and associations dealing with state issues. We hope to use our experience to benefit your organization.

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