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Value Proposition


Avalanche Advisors was formed by Greg Curtis and Alex Johnson in 2007 to assist companies, trade and professional associations and other entities in efficiently meeting their state and local government relations needs. We offer a wide array of services to help you maximize your resources in a multistate environment. The principals have built on approximately thirty years in politics on both sides of the political aisle with much of that dedicated to working in state politics.

The benefits of Avalanche Advisors

1. Bipartisanship. The two principles of Avalanche Advisors have spent each of their careers working exclusively on their respective sides of the political aisle and how now come together to offer their experience to your benefit.

2. Relationships. The principles have worked exclusively with current and future leaders electing, giving campaign assistance and strategizing with them.

3. Experience. The principles have approximately 30 years in politics with almost half of that devoted exclusively to working in state politics.

4. Customer Service. Coming from a fundraising background Avalanche Advisors understands the need to build, cultivate and deliver on behalf of their donors/clients. We are also new, hungry and willing to go the extra mile to ensure the success of each relationship.

5. Results. We’ve always worked in an environment that is defined by wins and losses and we bring that competitive spirit to our business.